Sunday, November 1, 2015

Special Macau Experiences in October 2015

It is amazing the cravings that we sometimes get.  I saw some cottage cheese in the grocery store.  In Macau it seldom happens.  The price was not marked.  Many things western things are a little more here in Macau.  I said it is probably about 30 MOP ($3.00-4.25 US for a quart).  I thought we deserve a special treat, I am going to buy it!!  I got the rest of the items on the list and went to check out.  It was 91 MOP or about $11.50 US.  I debated putting it back and then said "what the heck"?  We have been using it like caviar. 

The $11.50 a quart Cottage Cheese

Francis, President Lam and Ryan
We have a dear friend we have made in Macau.  He is an outstanding young man (yellow tie).  He is from and served a mission in the Philippines.  While on his mission, he met a family whose daughter was in British Columbia, Canada working. He contacted her after his mission and they have had an internet romance for a year.  They have never met personally.  They have decided to get married in the Manilla Temple the end of November.  She is a cute girl and he a dynamic young man.  They both have more faith than me...we are excited for them.

Farmington in Macau at Open House
At our small chapel in Macau we had an open house this past weekend.  Many members put in lots of time in building displays about the church.  One of the displays showed the painting of the first primary in the church.  The Primary was started in Farmington, Utah.  This is the chapel that Joy grew up in and where she attended church until we were married.  It was nostalgic for Joy and she excitedly explained it to a number of people.  Farmington in Macau...what a surprise!!

Each week we attend and many times teach institute at the international branch of the church on Thursday night.  It is a great group of people to have an in-depth gospel discussion.  Taking a picture is a new way of taking role....but what if you loose the picture or get the wrong one?

Face Painting on Halloween--they said my face was already scary

We have a member from Las Vegas, Steve Anderson, who comes to Macau almost very month for a few days on business.  We asked him to help us and he brought us some refried beans (4 big cans), salsa (large bottle) and (100) tortillas.  We had 12 missionaries over for dinner last week.  They were excited about the Mexican Feast.  We added hamburger, onions, tomatoes, avocados, lime and real cheese.  It was amazing!!  Some of the missionaries thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Mexican Dinner at Apt
During the past month we went to the temple with 35 members of our international branch (mostly Filipinos).  We only have 80-90 come to church.  It is a long day journey and costs about $50 US.  This is significant when many of these people only make $400 US a month.  It was like being in heaven to see these beautiful people in the temple all dressed in white.  It was one of the great days in our life.

October 2015 Temple Group
 We continue to be blessed with this wonderful experience.  We see people trying hard to follow in the footsteps of the Savior.  Each week we see their faith grow and their commitment deepen.  We see small miracles happen in their lives.  God does love us!!  He cares about each of us!!  He knows our hearts and answers our prayers. Each day we are more grateful to be among this loving group of people who have accepted us as part of their extended family.  We have truly been blessed being here.  
 Jing our Special Temple Friend

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