Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hong Kong/Macau Update

Our mission is not all work "sometimes" we get to play.  The international branch in Macau had a beach party on a recent Chinese national holiday.  We were able to go to the beach with 80 members and enjoy the day in the sun with a BBQ, games and good company.  They put us on the games committee.  We played a number of games that our family played at a family reunion plus a few others.  Everyone loved them and had a great time!
October 2015 Beach Hoiday Party

Nylon Sock Game

We have a great public bus system in Macau but on a holiday you can wait a long time for a ride.  We got on a bus and it was so full it just by-passed 2-3 stops since nobody wanted to get off.  In going to the breach in May we waited over an hour to get an indirect ride.  The key is go early.  On weekends and holidays, people in Macau do not like to get up early.

Banana Ball Game

Shank Your Booty Game

Plastic Sack Race

One of the great blessings of being in Hong Kong is attending the temple.  The Church has only 2 temples in the Southeast Asia Area.  We attend with the missionaries about every 2 months and on special ocasion with members.

Sister Missonaries and the Holbrook's
Jean Dimingo's Temple Group

When in Hong Kong we get to stay at a very nice apartment complex.  It has a fabulous swimming pool and Sister Holbrook loves to swim.  You can find her there several days a week for exercise if time permits (and she works to find time).
Joy's Favoite View from the Pool (on here back)
Hong Kong Apt Swimming Pool

We had some Monsoons this past 2 weeks.  It can rain an 1"-2" a day.  We have had some members tell us the water can be upto your knees in the lower part of the city.  It is bad enough having it over the soles of your shoes.

The last week I was able to give someone the priesthood.  It is amazing to look at my line of authority.  I was ordained by my father...but in the line are Spencer W Kimble; Heber J Grant; George Q Cannon; Brigham Young; Joesph Smith; Peter James, and John; was a wonderful to share this priesthood with my Philipino brother--

Rick Nelson Dela Cruz and his wife
We are loving our experience.  It is hard but rewarding work.  We feel blessed to be here!!

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