Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Hong Kong Experiences of September 2015

We had to leave Macua at the end of August due to visa issues.  We were moved to Hong Kong.  We will be back in Macau at the end of September.  We are experiencing wonderful people every place we is a blessing to be a missionary.

Before we left Macau, the Missionaries all wrote Joy a short note.  She was thrilled they would be so considerate.  The Filipino members put on a surprise party the night of her birthday.  Many of the ward had come together since we had a baptism of a fine young man.  She was blown away.

Joy's Birthday Party 2015

Near our Apartment in Hung Hom 2015
We moved to a place the LDS Church houses missionaries that work in the Hong Kong Temple and other expat's that work in the Church Area Office or as serving missions in the Area.  It is a lovely apartment building close to the bay.

After the Fall and Repairs 9-2015
As we gathered things for our apartment and tried to carry them home, I took a bad fall.  I tripped on uneven pavement.  I was sprawled out on the pavement bleeding and a major dislocated finger.  We got an ambulance ride (my first) and 3 hours of repair in the ER.  It slowed us down for a few hours but we we out doing missionary work the next day--which was a Sunday.

Mission Home and Kowloon Stake Center 9-2015

They do construction and repair with bamboo scaffolding. It is amazing to watch them lash it together particularly on larger buildings.  This is cleaning and painting of the Kong Hong Mission Home and Kowloon Stake Center.

Victoria Park 9-2105

This is Victoria Park on Hong Kong island.  It is like Central Park in NYC.  It is a place of beauty, activity and overall enjoyment.  They are making large bubbles that bounce over the water.  It was fun to watch.

Kelsey/Scott, David/Sunnee, Tait and Joy in Kowloon 
We had our son Tait and his wife come to Hong Kong.  we got the better part of two days to enjoy there company.  It was fun and exciting.  We did some tourist things, but most important we just spend some time visiting..and sharing!!  What a blessing to be with 3 of our children as we seve a mission.
HK Temple 9-2015

We love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We know it is true.  We are grateful for Atonement and the road map to get us back to Our Heavenly Father.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve enriches our life.

Scott and Joy Holbrook

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