Saturday, August 15, 2015

44th Wedding Anniversary of Scott and Joy Holbrook

On August 16, 1971, Joy Chamberlain and I, were married in the Salt Lake City Temple.  It was certainly the most important day of my life.  We were not nervous--we arrived at the Temple at the same time--I had a swollen lip and she had a swollen knee. It was a beautiful day.  It was bright and sunny.  We were surrounded by our loving families.  The Temple was glorious and majestic!  In the evening we had a beautiful reception in Centerville.  Joy looked marvelous!!

Joy 1971

Wedding 1971

We started our family.  Each child has blessed our life.  We begin to see a glimpse of beauty of eternal families.
Joy and Scott 1974

We have moved several times.  Each time Joy has made home a special place to be including: Portland, Oregon; North Salt Lake, Utah; Bountiful, Utah; Tucson, Arizona; Heber City, Utah

Family (Colby and Kelsey to come) 1984
Family (Kelsey to come) 1987

Family 2010

Family Picture July 2014
Our children, their wonderful spouses and grandchildren have brought great joy into our lifes. We are truly blessed and love them all!! We look forward to spending eternity with each of them.

Now, we are serving Our Heavenly Father in Macau and Hong Kong as missionaries.  We love these wonderful people.  We have also been involved with some wonder young missionaries that have become our children and extended family.

Joy and Scott 1995
On our mission we have learned to love each other even more. We work hand-in-hand teaching people about Our Heavenly Father and the Savior.  We testify of Jesus Christ who provides an atoneing sacrifice and an example of how to live our lifes. What a glorious expericence!!  I felt blessed 44 years ago, but over each year I love Joy more.  She has blessed my life beyond measure and discription.

Joy and Scott 2014

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