Thursday, May 7, 2015

Macau Update 5/7/2015

It is a beautiful time of year in the Far East.  The day time temperature is in the 80's.  The night time temperature is hot too.  We are already using the air conditioning.  We have moved to short sleeved white shirts, except for Sunday when we still wear suits.

Tap Sac Park Near our Apartment

St Paul's Church Ruins; first Christian Church
in China.  It was build between 1602-1640.  

I did not showed you our official missionary badges.  We have them on everywhere we go.  It is another reminder we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  We see people braking their neck to read the name badges as we pass by.

Elder and Sister Holbrook Missionary Badges

9 year old who plays for Church Services
 and Branch Choir

In the humility note, this 9 year old plays the piano for all the of the church services at one of the branches.  He is fantastic!  I can hardly play the radio.

Sometime we revert back to being a Nerd

In life we tell ourselves we will never do certain things.  For me me it was never wear, tennis shoes with your suit or dress pants.  Well, I sprained my ankle and got Planters Factitious.  You got it!  Below is the result!  Soon I will probably be wearing plastic pocket protectors!

We continue to work with these marvelous Chinese and Filipino people.  They are amazing!!  The Chinese government published that their are 18 million members.  It is expected to grow by upto 5% a year for the next 15 years.  Some project by 2050 China could be the largest Christian nation.  It is amazing.

When I was a missionary in the Southern Far East mission in 1966-1967, we had missionaries in the Philippines we had only a few thousand members and not 48 years later there are 680,000 members in the Philippines.  Christianity is growing in the Far East!!

On May 17th Macau will become a District and hopefully grow to a Stake in a few years!!  We are all excited.  It is wonderful to see the church growing.

 Elder and Sister Holbrook (from Macau)

Sending off a couple as they return to the USA to live

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