Monday, June 22, 2015

Hong Kong / June 2015

We have been in Hong Kong for a month, while we work to get new visas to return to Macau.  The visas has not been granted yet and may continue to take some time.  Nevertheless, we are having a very special experience in Hong Kong.

We have been assigned to work in Discovery Bay.  It is a beautiful part of Hong Kong.  It is a community of mostly expatriates or wealthy Chinese.  We just moved here on the weekend. The other day a Chinese man was explaining why Chinese people are generally well off financially.  He said, "If a Chinese man earns $5, then he tries to live on $1.5-2.  If an American earns $5, then he spends $7."  If a Chinese man gets a raise, he still tries to live on $2, but if an American gets a raise they spend $10.  It was interesting to begin to understand how Chinese accumulate wealth.

View from our apartment in Discovery Bay
We have had the great opportunity to mingle with the Filipino Sisters in the area.  They are sweet and wonderful people.

DB Filipino Sisters 2015
Two weeks ago there was a rally at Victoria Park.  It gathered 100,000 people from all over Hong Kong.  Our apartment was close to the park.  We could hear the people chanting.  It was the commemoration of the instant in Tienanmen Quarter in 1989, when students cried out for their human rights and it was put down with much violence.  Around the boarder of the Park, there was a Police Officer about every 5 feet.  Roads we blocked and the Police carefully directed was so orderly.  The chanting went on for about 2 hours.  When the people left the park they picked up there trash and cleaned up around them.  They orderly went home on foot, bus or subway.  We were able to go observe part of it and people were going home.

We had a chance to see a good friend, Brent and Cathy Dover, and the little girl they adopted from China.  It was a special experience.  They have a beautiful little girl and she has a wonderful set of parents.  This was a blessing to both.

Brent and Cathy Dover Family in China for Adoption of Mia 2015

We pleased to be representatives of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is a blessing in our life.

DB Investigators and Missionaries 2015

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