Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to Macau from Hong Kong

Looking over Macau 2015
Due to visa issues, we had to leave Macau for Hong Kong.  The change in requirements made us apply for a new type of Visa.  It required several iteration of applying to get the documents submitted correclty.  We had many helpers assistance from from Hong Kong and Macau.  We were in Hong Kong for a period of 4 weeks will the papers were finalized. It will be great when we get the formal documents.

While in Hong Kong we were able to spend a week working in the Temple.  It is a beautiful building and we had a great experience.

Elder Holbrook at Hong Kong Temple 2015

We did a special study for the China Hong Kong Mission that allowed us to spend time with 1/3 of the missionaries and gather information.  We went to the end of the mission boundaries to visit missionaries and see is our places of worship (chapels).

Kelsey, Scott, Maverick and Grandpa on a Ferry 2015

Joy, Kelsey and Sunnee at the LDS Asia Women's Conference 2015
Dog-on!!  There was no place to stay for use to stay in Hong Kong, so we had to spend most of the month with our daughters (Sunnee and Kelsey) and their families.  It is fantastic getting to spend time with these grandkids that are so far away from us in Utah.  Joy attended an all LDS Asia Women's Conference with her daughters and had a great time.  I got the ultimate treat and got to watch the little grand kids.

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