Friday, February 20, 2015

The 2015 Chinese New Year is Here

 Chinese New Year has some amazing things to see:  

1. A busy robust town comes to a stop.  Nearly, all the businesses are closed.
2. People go visit family...similar to what we do in Thanksgiving.  It is family oriented holiday.
3. We did not buy much bread and it has taken us 3 days to find bread.
4. It is hard to find medicines.  We walked the streets for over an hour to find one yesterday with no success to help a missionary.  Today, we heard where a pharmacy was open and passed dozens that were closed.
5.  The parks are not full.  People are home with family.
6. Yes.  Missionary work is slow too.  We have been invited to a number of parties and special events.

7. Lots of festivals and colorful decorations.
8. Dragon Dancing...
9. Colorful prades...
10. Do it yourself fireworks--you buy a huge fireworks and a team of people help you set it off.  The fireworks are non-stop from 8PM to 2AM--for 10 days.
 11. It is the time business pay a bonus and they can be sizable.
12.  We even had our two daughter's and their families come and join the festivities from Hong Kong.

We are enjoying the fun and build up of the Chinese New Year.  It certainly is a time to cherish the blessing in life you have been give.  No question families are apart of that great blessing.

We have had some wonderful members help us celebrate the year.  They help us all the time and make us feel of value.  Each has greatly blessed our life.

We have a very special group of missionaries here in Macau that watchover us.

It was a long time ago (48 years), I remember, celebrating the Chinese New Year by eating watermelon seeds, being cold, without our housekeeper/cook and watching a few colorful prades.  This year we are more refined and progress in a beautiful and growing country.  We wish you Good Health and Prosperity for 2015.

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